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Posted in RUNESEC CTF 2017 Written by Simon Loizides (s3nn_)

For those who were unaware, we recently launched a Capture-the-Flag event; I guess we were too busy deploying it to publish a blog post, so here it is:

(Also the link to RUNESEC CTF 2017.)

So what is a CTF? For the uninitiated, a CTF is an event where participants solve challenges in order to capture “flags” and get rewarded points. There are two main types of CTFs: Attack and Defense and Jeopardy; the latter gets its name from the famous American TV show. RUNESEC-CTF 2017 is a Jeopardy-style CTF, meaning all challenges are available at any time and sorted into categories such as Exploitation, Web, Steganography etc. Also, participants do not interact with one another in order to solve the problems. Each challenge has different points based on its (perceived) level of difficulty.


Like we mention in the About section, our main motivation was to start promoting the idea of participating in CTF events as a way of increasing technical skills and knowledge to the local community. Not many realize that this is probably the best way to improve said skills. If you don’t believe us, give it a go, and if you don’t find our challenges very difficult (which you shouldn’t if you’re a seasoned infosec practitioner), then participate in more established CTFs.

European CyberSecurity Challenge (ECSC)

Also, we’re trying to find eligible candidates for the European CyberSecurity Challenge. Eligible candidates are persons born in 1992 and onwards. We’ll use this CTF as an unofficial filter for assessing potential candidates’ skills. If you want to participate in the ECSC but are afraid / unsure / confused / <insert_random_emotion> drop us a line / come chat in IRC and we will point you in the right direction.


Check out the awesome CTFTIME for upcoming CTFs, past writeups and more.

Check out this video which explains the value of CTFs so well, by Tyler Nighswander.

Happy Hacking

If you haven’t yet registered, feel free to check it out at the above link. The CTF is open to all, just make sure that you pick the right Eligibility group if you decide to register. For those who have registered, keep an eye on the News page because we will be adding new challenges very shortly.

Also, it would be cool to see more people on IRC. Join us at #runesec-ctf on freenode!

The scoreboard so far:

Scoreboard so far

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