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Posted in RUNESEC CTF 2017 Written by Marios Nicolaides (styx00)

The RUNESEC CTF 2017 is now over and we would like to thank everyone who participated. We had 91 participants in total, out of which 40 were ECSC Eligible and 51 ECSC Ineligible. We hope you’ve enjoyed the CTF and you learned a thing or two.

Please note that the CTF will remain online in case someone wants to try and solve the challenges for fun/training.

We would like to congratulate the winners and let them know that we will be contacting them directly over the next few days to arrange delivery of the prizes.

In regards to the ECSC competition, we will process the results and we will endorse the participants who did well to the appropriate parties to be considered for inclusion in the Cyprus team. However, we state clearly that we cannot guarantee that you will get a spot on the team, as the decision is not up to us (even if you came 1st).

Overall Top 3

  • 1st Place: vamitrou, ECSC Ineligible
  • 2nd Place: zer0heir, ECSC Ineligible
  • 3rd Place: wicked, ECSC Eligible

ECSC Eligible Top 3

  • 1st Place: wicked, 150 EUR
  • 2nd Place: n00b, 100 EUR
  • 3rd Place: mpsalios, 50 EUR

ECSC Ineligible Top 3

  • 1st Place: vamitrou, Web Application Hacker’s Handbook 2nd edition
  • 2nd Place: zer0heir, Alfa AWUSO36NH Antenna (Chipset: Ralink PT3070)
  • 3rd Place: alamot, Lock-picking set


Fun Facts

  • Six (6) participants solved all the challenges
    • One (1) participant of the ECSC Eligible group
    • Five (5) participant of the ECSC Ineligible group
  • There were 1714 flag submissions
    • 942 invalid
    • 772 valid
  • Based on the time each problem was available, the following challenges proved to be the hardest:
    • Uprooting
    • EveCodesBetter
    • Inspector Gadget
  • The challenge with the least solves (7) is Inspector Gadget
  • The challenge with the most solves (78) is T-SQL

Call for write-ups
We will be publishing the solutions in a month’s time on our blog.

In addition to this, we would like to kindly ask you to send your write-ups/solutions to as we are curious to see how you managed to solve the challenges.

We would like to improve! To do that we need your feedback. Please let us know what you did or didn’t like, things you would like to see in future CTFs, comments about the challenges, organization, and performance of the infrastructure and the CTF in general.

Please send your feedback at

See you next year hopefully!

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